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If she keeps this up, she’s going to look like Joan Rivers did at 80 when Kylie is just 40.So Kylie, lay off the Botox and quit posting inappropriate and unlikely photos of your ever-changing face and age-questionable social activities on IG.

Even if she’s raising her eyebrow in this pic, she can’t be in all of them, her eyes would be exhausted.

Then there’s the proliferation of sexy pouty photos her siblings, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and of course the grande dame of sex tapes, Kim Kardashian, post constantly.

Pile on top of all that sister Kendall Jenner who is genuinely gorgeous (Kendall, not the other ones) without all the surgical tweaks and getting fame (almost) on her own as a model and you’ve got a recipe for low self-esteem and a desire to alter what her true nature is.

Judging by the way Walt's dad Michael could howl, maybe they should consider him as a recruit.

— the actor has only appeared in a handful of TV movies since the early 2000s.

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If her nose was tweaked, it was done subtly and well. Look at the first photo – the young woman has paper thin lips. Pregnancy can do that, bee stings can do that and even a severe allergic reaction. It’s collagen or another filler syringed into her lips. There is no science behind going from lips 1/8” wide to 1/2” wide overnight. She’s got Angelina Jolie lips now but if you look at Angelina’s childhood photos, you’ll see she’s always had that plump pouter and it didn’t just crop up on her face spontaneously. Here is Kylie with her big sis Khloe giving her a kiss. I do have to give her props since she didn’t opt for giant fun bags, but still it’s just one more thing to make her less herself and more some crafted avatar intended for social media consumption. And if she has taken this approach but Kylie rejected it, why didn’t she just tell her no. And that’s not to say she was unattractive or unworthy, but she definitely didn’t have model good looks. Her family can certainly afford to put her through college.

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