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And what skills have crossed over between the two careers?I was lucky that after taking a leap of faith and following my instinct, it all worked out this way.Continue: Gimme Shelter Trailer The ingredients are all here, but this mash-up of Ghost with Men in Black is a painful misfire, neither funny nor engaging on any level.

Those are skills that definitely have helped me in my acting career. My dad was a scratch golfer and my mom eventually started playing as well, so my brother and I had no choice but to join the herd.

I thought maybe with the time I could find out what I really wanted to do. Soon after, I started doing commercials and then decided to enrol in a theatre class in NYC (taught by Sondra Lee).

I remember doing my first monologue and thinking, "this is it, this is what I'm going to do.. As for the crossover in skills: at Chanel the environment was as competitive as the editorial world portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada (not really, but close).

With no money and barely any possessions, she decides to track down her father who she has never before met and ask him to take care of her until she can do so herself.

As it turns out, he is now a huge persona in the financial world, with millions of dollars to his name.

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