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The population of Russians in Estonia is estimated at 320,000.

Most Russians live in Harju and Ida-Viru counties, where are majority in many municipalities.

Tsar Alexis I of Russia once again captured towns in eastern Livonia, including Dorpat (Tartu) and Nyslott (Vasknarva) between 16, but had to yield his conquests to Sweden.

The beginning of continuous Russian settlement in what is now Estonia dates back to the late 17th century when several thousand Russian Old Believers, escaping religious persecution in Russia, settled in areas then a part of the Swedish empire near the western coast of Lake Peipus.

Most of the present-day Russians are migrants from the recent settlement, and their descendants.

Between 15, Ivan IV of Russia captured much of mainland Livonia in the midst of the Livonian War but eventually the Russians were driven out by Lithuanian-Polish and Swedish armies.The country remained annexed to the Soviet Union until 1991 except Nazi Germany occupation between 19.During the era the government initiated a population transfer.Writers Alan Landsburg, Susan Cuscuna and Michael Petryni received the Christopher Award for their teleplay.Originally aired on NBC, the film is nowadays frequently re-aired on Lifetime and sister channel Lifetime Movie Network.

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Novgorodian prince Vyachko died in 1224 with all his druzhina defending the fortress of Tarbatu together with his Ugaunian and Sackalian allies against the Livonian Order led by Albert of Riga.

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