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Style and confidence guru Gok Wan lives in London with his dog, Dolly.Here, he tells us about his new makeover show and how he spent the festive period… It’ a fashion and love life makeover series that sets out to help some of Britain’s 15 million singletons to get dating.Why not do something that would kick me into feeling like a woman again? In Korea I was a plump 13.5st girl and they are not forgiving of weight!Plus, with my short hair and punky look, I was a bit of an oddity.For 12 months I heard such things as, “why you so fat, is it because you so fat you no boyfriend”.I came back with a severe weight complex and dieted and exercised my heart out. Then Daddy died and the dieting took a dark turn to eating as a control issue. The show loved me and my interviewers said I was a natural on camera, so I got chosen for the pilot.

Being flamboyant and creative was a great outlet and geeking out to various TV shows made me happy.It was always the usual story of men only wanting one thing and I pride myself on not giving it away.That, or men who thought because I was geeky and enjoyed cosplay, anime, and TV shows like Supernatural, I would be some kinky pervert.She was a really nice girl, very clever and bright but very misunderstood. We are going to have a weekend place that we can bomb out to. Instead I take a taxi around town because it means I can drink gin and tonics! Giving up smoking is my number one priority and trying to reduce the amount of work that I do and to spend more time with my friends. In 2013 I don’t want to work as hard but that probably won’t happen knowing me!She needed someone to show her another option of how to dress. It’s important that I find the right location so that it’s easy for mum and dad to get to because they still live in Leicester.

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