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Clint Eastwood is among the few men in Hollywood to have written their names on the sands of time.

The 86 year old actor is an internationally acclaimed icon that is now a political figure.

Fellow actress Locke decided she was done when she found out her supposed ‘faithful’ boyfriend had become a father to two more children.They say a chameleon can never change its skin, this was true about Eastwood as after some years of trying to make it work with Johnson, they decided to finally part ways (most likely because she could not keep up with the womaniser in him).She then married Henry Wynberg only for it to also end after 5 years.Sondra Locke (ex-girlfriend) Duration of Relationship: 1975 – April 1989 (14 years) Date of Birth: May 28, 1944 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Eastwood and Locke were in a 14 year long relationship until it was called off in 1995.They started living together while filming a movie in autumn of 1975.

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The Maggie-Clint marriage was somewhat open as he was also in a serious relationship while still married to Margaret. Johnson was hurt and decided to let it go but after a trial separation, she re-considered her decision and thought she could make it work with the growing celebrity.

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