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In 1857, the estate went to Thomas Legh's nephew, William John, the son of Thomas Peter Legh's second illegitimate son, William. Legh of Ridge arise from John a younger son of Sir Peter Legh of Lyme, who married the heiress of Alcock of Ridge. Leigh of Ifell in Cumberland, extinct from about 1600 9. Ormerod shows the Leigh family of West Hall descending from Thomas de Legh, who died in 10 Edw. The male heirs married into the Massy family of Winsham, the Leicesters of Nether Tabley, the Booths of Dunham Massy and the Davenports of Davenport.

Below I trace the family from the late 17th century by which time the family name was written as Leigh.

In the reign of Henry VIII, Thomas Legh of Northwood, who was a descendant of a younger son of John Legh, and lived about the time of Edward II (1307-1327), pursued his claim and after a long legal battle succeeded to the East Hall estate.

Either this Thomas or his son rebuilt the hall in the reign of Elizabeth I.

The church has had a small extension to make it more convenient for holding meetings with catering and toilet facilities and is planning further work. The Leighs of West Hall arrived in High Legh about 70 years after the Leghs of East Hall.

"Egerton Leigh of West Hall in High Legh and Twemlow, Esq.

The hall is mentioned in , by Peter de Figueiredo and Julian Treuhertz, Phillimore, Chichester, 1988. The grounds were landscaped by Repton who was able to move the Knutsford to Warrington road (now the A50) farther from the house.

The Leghs had an Elizabethan mansion of which only the chapel remains. An Italianate stone lodge from this house survives. The illustration below, received from Vincent Tickner, show the hall about 1960.

However, by the 1670s, he claimed that it had been converted to others uses.) The chapel is open to view on Wednesday mornings from 10 am until noon and I am grateful to the church warden for permission to take pictures of the interior, two of which are shown above. Lysons in , give details of the relationship of several branches of the Legh and Leigh families and the notes below shown are simplified from this source.

Several members of the family were clergy with connections to Lymm in Cheshire.

Some had multiple livings which they had to handle by employing curates.

William Venables was descended from Gilbert Venables the first baron of Kinderton who held land in Cheshire under Hugh Lupus after the Norman Conquest." John Legh was the common ancestor of the following branches of the Legh family of which the first seven were in Cheshire. Legh of Sandbach, who became extinct after two generations. Legh of Booths, of whom Willoughby Legh was the representative in 1810 with the Leighs of West Hall also as descendants of this branch. Leigh of Oughtrington, who are descended from John, a younger son of Richard Leigh of West Hall as a result of his marriage to an heiress in the reign of Edward IV. of Oughtrington was the lineal descendant of this branch but assumed the name Trafford in compliance with the will of a maternal uncle. Legh of Adlington, who became extinct by the death of Charles Legh in 1781 were descended from Robert, a younger son of the first John Legh of Booths. Legh of Baguely were descended from Sir William Legh, a younger son of the second Sir John Legh of Booths but became extinct in 1688. Legh of Lyme were descended from Piers, a younger son of Robert Legh of Adlington mentioned above, and became extinct by the death of Thomas Peter Legh of Lyme in 1797.

(He was succeeded at Lyme by his eldest illegitimate son, Thomas (1792-1857) who had no male heirs. Leigh of Egginton in Derbyshire, Rinshall in Staffordshire, Stoneley in Warwickshire and Addlestrop in Gloucestershire all derive their descent from a younger son of the first Legh of Ridge.

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