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We do occasionally get together on a Saturday or Sunday, but most of our outings are during the weekdays.Please recognize that this is a women’s only group.The larger of the two streams is known as the Stour Brook because it joins the Stour proper about two miles south of the town, at Wixoe.Habitation of the area is very ancient, as borne out by traces of Stone Age occupation which have been found.

This area of France has been called Belgica, and these coins are known to collectors as Gallo-Belgic A to F series.

In the past this evidence was thought to indicate successive waves of Belgic invaders, but this is no longer widely believed.

Although Caesar recorded Belgic raiders to England who may have settled there, it is now thought to indicate payments for military service, close cultural links and trading ties as well as gifts cementing political or social alliances across the Channel.

A few Iron age artefacts have been discovered in the area.

It is thought that there were two separate peoples in Suffolk at this period, with a boundary roughly from Newmarket to Stowmarket and Aldburgh.

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