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My mom may pass away today, and I think this may be my dad sending a message.Reply I lost my dear Mum early this morning after a 12 month battle with cancer.

Reply I lost my partner Jon of 21 years in June this year.I lived alone and found a dime beside my bed after getting home from work.I’m a creature of habit and i know that isn’t wasnt there before I left for work because I would have found it.I woke up this morning after having a very vivid dream of my mom who passed Dec 6, 2015. And I’ve had things put In my path for odd I can feel them in my thoughts and they answer me like they are still here ♥️♥️ Reply My hubby was my best friend my kindred spirit.were only together 2 short years when he unexpectedly died. Esp in our hallway..i begged my hubby if he could hear me see me please please show up in a pic..2 mos passed and he did.ghost like u can see his facial hair his hat outkibibg of shoulders arms then the rest isnt there..We were at her house and an old coworker came to fix my dads computer who knew my mom and all I could say was “Look PK, mama came to visit for the weekend. ” And all PK could do was look at mom and myself with amazement. The pains been unbareable to think i have to go through this life without him.did everything together my love for him is so deep.. The first two months..i kept getting feelings of someone whispering to me to take pics in our home.i never take pics.. Now everytimw i take a pic in our there..everytime.very comforting.know hes still with me.i could touch him hug him.him.has sent me a song through his turns on between 2-3am most nights..i cant wait to be with him again..i miss him so much..

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I felt her presence next to me, 10 mins after she passed, and saw my deseased brother playing on the floor at my feet.

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