Updating wardrobe when you are broke

Gaiman wrote several new stories about Morpheus and his siblings, one story for each, which were published in 2003 as the Endless Nights anthology.

Its artists include Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Jill Thompson, Shawn Mc Manus, Marc Hempel, and Michael Zulli, with lettering by Todd Klein and covers by Dave Mc Kean. The original series ran for 75 issues from January 1989 to March 1996.

The Thomas and Gaiman stories revealed that the character's existence was a sham created by two nightmares who had escaped to a pocket of the Dreaming. Garrett Sanford, the 1970s Simon and Kirby version of the Sandman, had gone insane from the loneliness of the Dream Dimension and taken his own life.

Brute and Glob put the spirit of Hector Hall, which had been cast out of his own body into Sanford's body, and it eventually began to resemble Hall's.

11 (December 1989), including the changes implemented by Roy Thomas.

Joe Simon and Michael Fleisher had treated the character, who resembled a superhero, as the "true" Sandman.

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The main character of The Sandman is Dream, also known as Morpheus and other names, who is one of the seven Endless.

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