Updating sql server column from another column

Additional characteristics of the security model are as follows: USE Adventure Works2012; GO CREATE TABLE Document Store With Column Set (Doc ID int PRIMARY KEY, Title varchar(200) NOT NULL, Production Specification varchar(20) SPARSE NULL, Production Location smallint SPARSE NULL, Marketing Survey Group varchar(20) SPARSE NULL, Marketing Program ID int SPARSE NULL, Special Purpose Columns XML COLUMN_SET FOR ALL_SPARSE_COLUMNS); GO INSERT Document Store With Column Set (Doc ID, Title, Production Specification, Production Location) VALUES (1, ' Tire Spec 1', ' AXZZ217', 27); GO INSERT Document Store With Column Set (Doc ID, Title, Marketing Survey Group) VALUES (2, ' Survey 2142', ' Men 25 - 35'); GO The following example inserts a third row into the table that is created in example A.

This time the names of the sparse columns are not used.

You say you have 2 tables, but you show the definition for 3 tables. AND (C.column1, C.column2, C.column3) IS DISTINCT FROM (A.column1, B.column2, A.column1 B.column2) clause is optional to avoid empty updates that would not change anything (but still write a new row version at full cost).

You say you are attempting to create a table, but show the code for updating rows within an existing table. If your intent is to insert rows from A B into C, you likely want to use an INSERT statement. @ypercube already gave a basic explanation in his comment.

Column sets can be visualized as a minitable and a select operation is like a SELECT * operation on this minitable.But, the relationship between column set to sparse columns is a grouping relationship instead of strictly a container.The security model checks the security on the column set column, and honors the DENY operations on the underlying sparse columns.Data manipulation of a sparse column can be performed by using the name of the individual columns, or by referencing the name of the column set and specifying the values of the column set by using the XML format of the column set.Sparse columns can appear in any order in the XML column.

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A column set is an untyped XML representation that combines all the sparse columns of a table into a structured output.

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