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I ran the numbers and sure enough, they matched the truck, being identified as a 307ci motor from 1968.

A closer look revealed that the timing cover, valve cover, head, and intake gaskets were not painted, which told me that someone hadn’t just inadvertently decided to paint the whole kit and caboodle (as I was about to! This means that at one time in the past forty some-odd years, the engine was taken apart, at least that far.

The end result really speaks for itself when compared to the initial motor, and the added power and performance really woke the truck up and made it transform from a junkyard dog to a highway hauler.

I recently switched email accounts and the Delete button is disabled and some of my messages are missing.

You can get around that by adding only the channels you get to Favourites, then having the guide only display Favourites, however. I did have connection issues about 20% of the time, but hopefully that will fix itself.Switching over to the new account type means that if you have any legacy hardware (older PVR, or Gateway system), they WILL NOT WORK ANY MORE. They also had to replace my phone modem with an updated one for the install (no charge).As for the system, the guide is much better (AND MUCH FASTER!!! Hardware: If you already have the XG1 Gateway, the new Bluesky box will look familiar. I would like to note, that if you currently have the CISCO modem instead of the Hitron, make sure the install tech CLEARLY notes that to the person doing the activation on the other end. After playing with it, I thought I would let everyone know my thoughts (both good and bad). If anyone has any specific questions, I will answer them if I can.

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