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CSV file column header names When using CSV file, we can “choose” any column header name who will suit our needs.

It’s recommended to choose a meaningful column header name and doesn’t use any spaces.

We were asked to implement the following tasks: In the next section, we review a couple of scenarios in which we implement the task of managing “E-mail address” task, such as – adding E-mail address by importing the information from a CSV file.

The CSV file, serve as a “logical container” that held data.

In our scenario, the CSV serves as a container that holds data about – Exchange Online recipients, and their E-mail address that we would like to add.

Each of the columns in the CSV file has and Header name.

In this type of scenario, we need to run the various E-mail address management task from the on-Premises environment.

For example, in case that we have Exchange Hybrid environment and we need to update E-mail address of recipient such as “.” To update the Primary E-mail address of Exchange Online mailbox recipient, which was synchronized from Exchange on-Premises, we will need to run the command from Exchange on-Premises Power Shell console using the following syntax: In the next sections, we review various scenarios in which we use “Bulk mode” for updating existing E-mail address or adding an additional E-mail address.

“Adding E-mail address by using the Set-Mailbox command | Mailbox recipient Exchange Online includes many types of recipients such as “Mailbox recipient”, “Group recipient”, “Contact recipients”, “Public Folder recipient” and so on.We will learn how to create a new E-mail, remove existing E-mail address, add alias E-mail address, and add a primary E-mail address.Everything you need to work with subscribers in your account.Most of the time, we would use another application such as Microsoft Excel for editing a CSV file because editing the data using Excel, is furthermore comfortable.In the following screenshot, we can see an example of the CSV file that was opened in Excel.

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Method 1#2 – Adding (replacing) primary E-mail address | Using the default Set-Mailbox command syntax In case that we use the Power Shell ” and specify E-mail address, Power Shell will use the E-mail address that was provided as a replacement for existing primary E-mail address.

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