Updating ati graphics driver

On a computer that does not have an actual graphics card, the graphics driver controls the part of a computer's motherboard called a graphics chipset (sometimes called an onboard, built-in, or integrated graphics controller or chipset).Disclaimer: Adobe does not support the installation of graphics drivers and provides the information in this document only as a courtesy.-UI 08/03/13 install AMD Radeon Graphics Processor Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.0x6798 0x1002 0x254d 0x1458 0x030000 0x00 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.I haven't had to use the CAB file from the Microsoft Update site (yet...) nor have I had to hide any updates with Microsoft's tool.

Then click on browse the computer and not search automatically.0xaaa0 0x1002 0xaaa0 0x1458 0x040300 0x00 AMD Radeon Graphics Processor Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.0xaaa0 0x1002 0xaaa0 0x1458 0x040300 0x00 AMD Catalyst Install Manager 8.0.915.0 20 AMD Catalyst Install Manager Succeed 8.0.915.0 20 Microsoft Visual C 2012 Redistributable (x86) Succeed 10.0.30319 9 AMD Display Driver Fail 90 HDMI Audio Driver Succeed 1 Microsoft Visual C 2012 Redistributable (x64) Succeed 10.0.30319 9 AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding Succeed .30723 3 AMD Catalyst Control Center Succeed 2013.0723.1944.33607 150 Hardware information Existing packages Packages for install Packages for uninstall Other detected devices Error messages Name Manufacturer Chip type Device ID Other hardware Download packages Success Fail Vendor ID Class Code Revision ID Subsystem ID Subsystem vendor ID Catalyst™ Install Manager Installation Report Final Status: Version of Item: Size: Mbytes Driver Install: the installation failedi didnt say they wouldnt run, i said they wouldnt install.In some cases, updating the graphics driver may resolve stability issues in Adobe applications.This article illustrates how to update the graphics driver for your ATI/AMD graphics card under the Microsoft Windows Xp or Vista Operating System.

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