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It has been attempting to register as a political party since the early 90’s, succeeding only in 1999, but the next year the Constitutional court has declared the party illegal on the grounds of separatism.Bulgaria considers that “OMO Ilinden-Pirin” in fact undermines the rights and freedoms of other people, by co-opting them as Macedonians.One of the leaders of the uprising and the most outstanding personality of those times is Gotse Delchev; unfortunately he was killed before it started.The uprising, badly planned, erupted on August 2 – Ilinden (St Ilia’s Day).Perhaps it is also important to remember that under the Communist regime Bulgaria managed to offer some responses to Belgrade despite the hold of Moscow, which was more sympathetic to its Yugoslav friends and openly and generously encouraged the Macedonian nation-building.

VMRO is a political party which until recently was represented in Parliament with historic roots dating back to 1893.Karakachanov said that it was no secret that “OMO Ilinden” is an organisation financed by the Macedonian secret services and is at the service of the pro-Serbian leadership in Skopie for undermining the relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia. So, you are Christian in the UK and you are willing to know where you can meet other single Christians to find that one and only one for you.Later in Tito’s Yugoslavia many efforts were made to create a Macedonian nation, with its own language (by introducing Serbian words in the Bulgarian) and history – by adapting episodes of the Bulgarian history to suit the design.By the way, two Serbian professors were the architects of this effort.

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Despite an initial success, 26 000 insurgents were soon faced with a 350 000 Turkish army.

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