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These days we're almost accustomed to ever younger pop stars singing about distinctly adult subjects.

But a wholesome singing troupe has taken the US by storm by taking a different approach - recording cleaned up versions of chart hits in which potentially offensive lyrics have been replaced by kid-friendly alternatives.

KIDZ BOP has sold over 17 million albums and generated over 1 billion streams since the family-friendly music brand debuted in 2001.

In 2016, KIDZ BOP accounted for 23 per cent of all children's music sale in the US and with the album already at number seven in the UK charts they are set to be hit on the this side of the pond as well.

She also has has a hit dancing career performing at the Justin Bieber - The Purpose Tour in 2017. After a nine month search for the members of the UK group, the outfit is already seeing success, with their debut album reaching number seven in the UK charts upon release.

Made up of two boys and two girls, KIDZ BOP is on a mission to clean up the charts and put anxious parents' minds at ease.

Olly famously fell out with his twin Ben when his brother’s wedding clashed with him taking part in the X Factor semi-final.We're always stressing our motto, 'sung by kids for kids', because that is the main reason for KIDZ BOP's success and why our music resonates with children.'At its core, KIDZ BOP taps into something millions of kids do every day, listen to music, or if they're like my kids, they also sing and dance along.'Kids think it's fun, and their parents like it because it's child-friendly.'Victor adds that he believes that children gravitate towards the band not because they know they are child-friendly but because they are more relatable.It isn't just the UK that could be facing a cleaner take on the charts, with Victor planning world domination with the band.He added: 'We're excited to bring KIDZ BOP to kids and families around the world.

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