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With the taste of the salty ocean air still fresh in your memories, remember that lobster, scallops, mussels and smoked salmon complement the offerings of the area’s award-winning wineries.A visit to Nova Scotia is not complete without witnessing the incredible tides of the Bay of Fundy.Home of the legendary Glooscap of the Mi’kmaq people, early European settlers farmed this soil and fished these waters.Today, the Valley's rolling fertile fields also include more than 20 types of grapes and an emerging wine industry.The town has a history dating back to its use by the Mi'kmaq Nation for several millennia prior to European discovery.When the Acadians lived in the area, the town was raided by New England forces in 1704.The Township of Windsor was founded in 1764 by New England Planters.

The British also broke apart families and sent them to different places.

Visit our Bay of Fundy Tides page to view tide times and information on where the best place to watch are located.

View Tide Times Framed by two parallel mountain ranges, the Annapolis Valley is one of Canada’s best fruit-growing regions with several hundred varieties of apples being grown here.

(A British fort already existed at the other major Acadian centre of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Cobequid remained without a fort.) Many Acadians left this region in the Acadian Exodus, which preceded the Expulsion of the Acadians.

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During Queen Anne's War, in response to the Wabanaki Confederacy of Acadia military campaign against the New England frontier and the Canadian Raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, Benjamin Church led the Raid on Pisiquid (1704) and burned the village to the ground.

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