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If this is your intent, I content that you are wasting your time.

I do believe there are some cases where a girl does change her mind and date the guy, but such cases are rare.

The world would be unfamiliar, and would probably lack humans. Droughts, ice ages and meteorites strike without warning and kill off fully fit individuals and species.

This is an area in which I have a lot of experience.

I would say that nearly all, if not all, of the girls I have seen as a prospect, have simply seen me as a friend.

CELEBRATED palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould once wondered what would happen if we could rewind the tape of life.

If it were possible to turn the clock back half a billion years and then let evolution happen all over again, what would we see?

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This way, he can remain friends with her, and his feelings for her can die.

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