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That way I really didn't have to go in a check it all the time.

I could just go in once a day and click on history to see where he had been roaming around to.

If I had this information early on, it would have been useful.

The sooner parents know the signs, the more of a chance they have to deal with it.

How you stop the behavior is up to you, but it does need to be dealt with.

Many parents, like myself, do not realize how important it is to lock up ALL medicine, even if they think their children are not using anything. At first I had a strong box, but then he found the spare key. There is a key override, but I have the key at a friend's house.

I knew I needed to lock up my medicines, but no one told me how to do so -- that would be very easy and convenient. When I searched the internet, I was able to find something very small and relatively light -- and easy to use.

When Emily’s parents called the police, they were told no offence had been committed as no sexual assault had taken place.

It is not against the law for a girl to dress as a boy, or indeed to create a false internet profile.

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