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We took six videos and achieved: If you want a truly viral video that will get millions of people to watch and share it, then yes, content is key.But good content is not necessary to get 100,000 views if you follow these strategies.In other words, not all videos go viral organically – there is a method to the madness.I can’t reveal our clients’ names and I can’t link to the videos we’ve worked on, because You Tube surely doesn’t like what we’re doing and our clients hate to admit that they need professional help with their “viral” videos.So far, we’ve worked on 80-90 videos and we’ve seen overwhelming success.

This summer, we were approached by a Hollywood movie studio and asked to help market a series of viral clips they had created in advance of a blockbuster.

Essentially, this whole thing called "school" is bullshit and is based on a concept developed more than a century ago with minimal updates.

Whiteley proposes the question of humans' responsibility in the future now that machines have conquered our physical and mental capabilities. The useless practice of test preparation for the SATs is brought under scrutiny since most students do not retain the information shortly after completing the examination.

The current educational system in the United States was developed a century ago during the rise of the industrial age and was once the envy of the world.

However, the world economy has since transformed profoundly, but the US education system has not.

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  1. Similar to Snapchat filters that animate a visual overlay over your face in real time, Facebook’s live masks will go one step further and augment the live video chat with whatever goofy animation you’d like to place on the screen.