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This may have been the first time the points and meridians were written down in China. The famous Ebers Papyrus (dated from about 7,000 BC and now in the British Museum) shows diagrams of what are clearly acupuncture meridians. This would mean that acupuncture dated from at least 2,500 years earlier than had been supposed and had arrived in Europe - long before it went to China! Sri Lanka (formerly known to the Arabs as Serendib, from which we get our word "serendipity") is mentioned in Ancient Greek and Roman texts.

In 1991 Oetzi the "Ice Man" was discovered mummified in the Tyrolean Alps. Oetzi was recognized as a warrior and clearly had many skirmishes in battle and several injuries had resulted. The earliest maps of the world show it quite clearly, just off the tip of the Indian subcontinent, whereas China was unknown in the West.

While China was still engaged in formative and destructive wars, Sri Lanka had great kings, great art and monumental works of irrigation and building.

This little island was evidently on a par with ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Egypt of the pharaohs.

It happens that this particular variety of black pepper, even today, grows only in Sri Lanka and nearby Kerala.

The fact is the Spice Route, which originated in Sri Lanka and went to Malabar, across the Red Sea to Arabia, and so into the Middle East and Europe, preceded the Chinese Silk Route by some 4,000 years or more (c. The chief spices, incidentally, were frankincense and myrrh, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla.

It also has great mineral resources; there are over 50 varieties of precious and semi-precious stones abundant in the ground.

Farming was developed here and Stone Age Mesolithic Man selected it for settlement, finding it a rich, harmonious and congenial terrain.

He is portrayed with 10 heads, signifying immense wisdom, and twenty hands, signifying great dexterity.

One of the pairs of hands is holding what could be acupuncture needles. 500 BC) built the first general hospital in the world, according to American historians Will and Ariel Durant.

The postulated links with Sri Lanka were there in classical times.

Local history records quite clearly that an ambassador to Rome was witness to throwing the Christians to the lions.

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