Speed dating training exercise

You need no more time than this to complete a speed circuit session that will burn and reinvigorate tired muscles,' she explained.

Belinda said she opts for the gym in winter as its brighter and more motivating.

“No problem at all, a lot of people come to me with that same answer. Fitness is so foreign to them that the only thing they know is that they need help.

The important part is that you are here now and we are ready to move you forward toward accomplishing some goals. Some people want to feel better, some want to look better and some want to perform better. Empathize and let them know they are not alone, many others have come in just like them and they have been successful in accomplishing their goals. You may need to lead them a bit and help them find an answer.

While some may turn to hot chocolates and coffees to warm up, Belinda recommends a simple mug of warm water.

The CPT has a limited amount of time to make a connection with the potential client and the client must believe that the CPT is the right fit for them.

This can be challenging in such a limited time however, the key to a successful speed dating session (assessment) is establish one key component with the potential client.

Then we get more detail by asking about their goals.

In most cases, clients like this are driven and very dedicated but do not have an exercise program to follow.

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