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There was one young girl with curly strawberry hair that looked either mixed Asian / Caucasian or Irish (kid you not); very cute face, average boobs but perfect body otherwise, #318 I think.

Unfortunately she looked very disinterested & not once walked around to say Hi or talk with the customers, instead was busy texting or chatting with her friends.

In fact there was another older & less desirable bathing lady that hovers nearby. I heard a Hong Kong customer berating the staff & the manager for not making this clear but to no avail.

After being dried and tipped the 2 towel ladies 0 mop (don't laugh) I was ushered into the main lounge, right the way noticed the lack of quality & quantity of the girls. The poor guy even bought a package at the ferry terminal which should have included a free massage, but they made him paid for it since his massage was before sex.

The only downside of this experience is that it's done in the open in the pool area.

Often times the bathing girls are not usually this cute, Mui was an exception I think.

What a bummer, I was looking forward to a good tumble with my Chinese princess.

Back in the lounge I waited for another hour or so to relax and scouting the talents; instead of the 30-40 girls I saw 2 years ago I saw no more than 10-12 girls and no stunners; and was told not one single Chinese girl.

Also there will be no games or shows on this night (slow and not enough girls I was told).As one of the previous post suggested I turned on my We Chat discover function, people nearly, females only. As with my previous visits I wanted a nice body wash (next to the pool area) and got it from a surprisingly cute & young Viet; I think her name was Mui.Within seconds dozens of hits came up, and within 10 min had probably 10 friend requests from women. She had magical hands & got me properly prepped for the evening: washed me from head to toes and paid extra attention to the vitals, For 0 mop it's worth it.) with highlighted blonde hair, as usual I requested it in a private booth instead of our in the lounge.Through our chats in Cantonese & Mandarin she told me it has been very slow going for the saunas & the ladies (full service or massage); also recently there have been much less Chinese girls available, there seems to be some kind of restriction imposed to make it harder for saunas to employ them.

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