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We also heard that the swastika had been unfairly maligned because to some people it signifies a blessing.

I was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, a friendly college town cut through by great trout rivers and surrounded by mountainous national forests protected more than a century ago by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Thirty percent of the West’s biggest cattle barons grazed public land in Nevada, and he wanted them to rule the range. In the Senate he appointed himself leader of the “Mc Carran Committee” to root them out.

During the war he formed an alliance with Wyoming Senator Frank Barrett, who advanced legislation to sell off tens of millions of acres of national forests and national grasslands as well as to destroy Grand Teton National Park. When he cursed them behind closed doors, anti-Semitic slurs dribbled from his lips. Many were hounded by the committee’s interrogations about potential Communist sympathies, and by extreme new probes regarding physical health and past associations, which Mc Carran forced Immigration and Naturalization Services to conduct.

(Another detail I just learned: the father of my only Jewish classmate went out and got a gun for protection because of these men.) What seemed an unnatural pairing – attacks on public lands and racism – went on display for all the country to see in the summer of 2014 when Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy went on a racist rant in front of a reporter who visited his ranch and cantaloupe farm.

Bundy had summoned a militia to brandish arms against employees of the Bureau of Land Management, who were trying to round up his illegal range cattle.

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