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The evolution of this character was complete about the end of the eleventh century; thenceforth the pallium is always designated in the papal Bulls as the symbol of plenitudo pontificalis officii .In the sixth century the pallium was the symbol of the papal office and the papal power, and for this reason Pope Felix transmitted his pallium to his archdeacon, when, contrary to custom, he nominated him his successor.The crosses on the breast, back, and left shoulder are provided with a loop for the reception of a gold pin set with a precious stone. The use of the pallium is reserved to the pope and archbishops, but the latter may not use it until, on petition they have received the permission of the Holy See.

It seems that, from the beginning, the pope alone had the absolute right of wearing the pallium.

The remainder of the pallium is made of white wool, part of which is supplied by two lambs presented annually as a tax by the Lateran Canons Regular to the Chapter of St. Agnes, solemnly blessed on the high altar of that church after the pontifical Mass, and then offered to the pope.

The ornamentation of the pallium consists of six small black crosses -- one each on the breast and back, one on each shoulder, and one on each pendant.

He must again petition the Holy Father for the pallium.

In the case of bishops, its use is purely ornamental.

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The pallium is conferred in Rome by a cardinal-deacon, and outside of Rome by a bishop ; in both cases the ceremony takes place after the celebration of Mass and the administration of the oath of allegiance.

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