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Have you played Second Life, or a similar virtual world such as Blue Mars or Twinity? Let us know in the poll or leave a comment explaining exactly what you love about online worlds!

IMVU has been fairly quiet about its success in virtual chat rooms, where people can create their own dressed-up 3-D characters and socialize in graphically beautiful settings.

There are cabaret clubs on every corner, the Charleston is the dance of choice and the preferred methods of transport are bike and tram.

More miniature worlds-within-worlds are on the way soon.

Since 2004, IMVU’s own users have created more than 3 million items, giving IMVU the biggest catalog of virtual goods in the world.

For this you'll need time and talent - there are some courses such as this one which claim to be able to teach mesh design. What you'll need is a female avatar customized to be highly attractive, with clothes, accessories and hair purchased with Linden dollars (therefore there's some initial investment involved).

However if you're using your avatar to strip or perform sexually, you might need to make a one-time phone call to verify your gender - some players don't like it when that girl they're flirting with is actually a guy - so it might be a good idea to have a female friend on standby to make that call. Play by the rules, kids.)You'll also need time - there's no way to get rich quick on Second Life, but if you're willing to put in 30 hours a week you might start to reap the benefits.

Start with customizing your avatar to look desirable, and take the time to flirt.

You should also remember that for a lot of players, this game is role play.

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