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'This is just a fact of life you have to accept and even try to understand.

I am sure that without these strict rules, there are some unfortunate Thai women who would fall victim to some of the bad operators out there,' says Mr Boeker.

But this may be because Thailand is surging economically.

However, for many women in Thailand, there is not yet an economic alternative to an industry which plays an invisible but vital role at the very bottom of Thai society.

'Our best advice to those seeking love and romance in Thailand is not to confuse it with the sex industry but you have to allow for human nature.

Some of these relationships actually work out but many do not and in many cases, this is the basis for the horror stories out there.' Another result of the overlap between the growing trend of Thai woman seeking relationships with foreign men is that the authorities in western countries have put in place increasingly strict visa regimes essentially to combat sex trafficking but these regulations can have an adverse effect on legitimate relationships between foreign men and Thai women.

The scale and extent of the industry is partly due to the role it plays offering the chronically poor in Thai society an opportunity to survive or indeed to progress.

The sex industry has been wrongly linked also to the growing numbers of Thai women seeking foreign husbands and life partners but there is a clear distinction between the two phenomena and of course, an overlap.The growing sex industry is being driven not simply by middle aged western men but now younger western men and growing numbers from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.But what most commentators fail to point out is that the largest part of the sex industry in Thailand does not cater for foreign men or tourist, it is for local Thai men only.While the Thai government is ramping up efforts to tackle poverty in Thailand, there have been calls for the curtailment of the sex trade in Bangkok and Pattaya but no one believes it will really happen.There are hints that the sex trade in Thailand and Bangkok may well be waning.

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There are many different types of sex operations offering a different range of specialist services from soapy massage to bars that offer oral sex to male customers or to use the vernacular term blow jobs.

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