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Or when Melanie herself invited her husband to join us in the bedroom, at which point Melanie would often serve as the 'camera man' and record the sexual encounter or take part in the menage a trois herself.'Gilles admitted she told Mel B she was excited to share a sex act with the singer at the weekend, adding in the explicit email: 'It has been too long!'Lorraine, who arrived in California from her native Germany in 2009 when she was 18, met Mel B and Stephen at a West Hollywood restaurant when she spoke little English.TMZ claims one of the reasons Mel likes the cop so much is because he carries a gun and she's 'scared' of her estranged husband Stephen.It has previously been reported that Mel has obtained a restraining order against her ex amid allegations he carries a gun.In particular, it focuses on a unit of detectives that includes Jake Peralta (Samberg), a smart but rebellious and immature cop whose relaxed attitude towards his job comes under challenge when the precinct comes under the command of hardass new captain Raymond Holt (Braugher).Holt, a stoic and no-nonsense man, is less-than-impressed with Peralta's flippant nature, creating immediate tension between the two.

Holt: Detective Diaz, I gather that once again, things did not go well with Officer Deetmore.

Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), the unit's motherly sergeant, who is initially wary of reentering the field after the birth of his twin daughters; Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), a surly and intimidating detective with a highly secret personal life and a very short fuse; and Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), a bumbling and clumsy but hard-working and extremely loyal and enthusiastic officer with a deep passion for food and, at least initially, a decidedly unrequited crush on Diaz.

Rounding out the cast is Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), the flighty and narcissistic civilian administrator, and Detectives Norm Scully and Michael Hitchcock (Joel Mc Kinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker), two extremely dim-witted and incompetent veteran detectives.

is a single-camera sitcom that premiered on FOX in 2013, starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.

It is set in the 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department, based out of Brooklyn (hence the title).

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The married German babysitter made the explosive claims in a 128-page libel lawsuit that hit back at Mel's allegations that Lorraine had an affair with Stephen behind her back and aborted his baby.

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