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Sitting down and interviewing Cyrinda was a little girl's dream come true for me! At times Cyrinda was a bit emotional, but for the most part we had a lot of fun ?

Who would have thought that the sexy, stylish blonde I wanted to be when I grew up would be hanging out with me and talking about her life! not only talking for PUNK, but also talking "girl talk" when the tape player was off. I started going to Max's of course 'cause all the young kids were there. Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, there was Leee and Wayne - Wayne County, who is now Jayne County.

but you know, to get fucked up and be left in a closet, you'd love to have Johnny Thunders be your babysitter.

And all these people came over, and it was just this wild, crazy evening...

No, I didn't have anything to do with the punk scene.

Fashion wasn't part of anything - they were anti-everything. But it's a good thing, at least, that these bandanas became very popular because I can hide my beautiful head.

[Laughs] You mention David Bowie to any woman and the eyes open up!

[Laughs] I didn't think when I brought Steven into Mia's private Catholic School, that was next to Jacqueline Onasis's house, that those women that age would get so excited.

There goes, you know, someone I knew since I was very young. Well, I got a wig, so I'm happy." He said, "Is it a good one? So you liked doing all that, all the modeling stuff, being in the Bowie video...? I love you, but you keep the ones you have and take good care of them." Were you dating Johnny? " [Laughs] And I said, "Yeah, if Francesco Scavullo likes it..." Yeah.... " And he goes, "I'll be the judge of that." [Laughs] "I'm coming over to see you." A I was supposed to call him back on a Monday or something and I never picked up the phone. Click any thumbnailto see larger version Cyrinda & David Johansen, PUNK Benefit May 4, 1977 Cyrinda & David Bowie, 1972 At the New York Dolls'"Rock'N'Roll"CD release party. that's all I can remember, really, about that party. Somebody said, "Let's get out of here." And John says, "What are we gonna do with Cyrinda? L-R: Janice, Cyrinda, Gayle Higgins Cyrinda & friend Justin Love at the PUNK 25th Anniversary Party at CB's Gallery, January 10, 2001 Cyrinda starringwith David Johansenin "The Legendof Nick Detroit"(PUNK #6) to celebrate the return of PUNK Magazine, along with spoken word performances and live entertainment from anyone who's anyone in the punk genre.

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