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This condition, caused by an accumulation of infections in the womb needs urgent surgery, made all the more dangerous as the bitch is already very ill.Remember Elaine cannot replace the vet who normally looks after your pet and they should always be the first point of contact.They are so safe now that the risk really is very small, yet still has to be considered.There can be complications post surgery, but again these are rare.A romantic marriage proposal used to involve a dinner date in a posh restaurant with champagne, but more and more men are choosing to make it into a big event to make it as memorable as possible.The proposal — a tribute to the couple’s favourite musical — took seven months of planning, cost thousands and involved an Italian wedding planner and even a film crew to ensure the event was captured for posterity.In the long term, neutered female dogs have a lower risk of developing mammary tumours, but the biggest benefit in my opinion is that the dog will not develop problems with their ovaries and uterus.One such potentially life-threatening disease I often see is pyometra.

Strictly’s Holly Valance, for example, recently announced her engagement to millionaire property developer Nick Candy by posting a photograph showing him on bended knee beside her on a beach in the Maldives, with the words ‘Will you marry me? Proposing on a commuter train might not sound terribly romantic but, after months of planning, Adam had arranged for his pals in the local show choir, masquerading as passengers, to break into the Bill Withers song Lovely Day as the train pulled out of the station.‘Men feel they need to impress their partners to meet these expectations.

A public declaration of love might be the stuff of dreams for some more romantically inclined women, but for others, it’s their worst nightmare.

And when surrounded by a commuter carriage of excited onlookers sharing your special moment or a sports stadium filled to the rafters with fans rooting for a happy ending, there’s an awful lot of pressure to say ‘Yes’ — or face the consequences.

Although you have doubts about getting Holly neutered, think about weighing up the benefits against the drawbacks.

There is obviously a slight risk with any anaesthetic.

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Pseudopregnancy happens because at the end of one of the stages in the oestrous cycle of the bitch, the pituitary gland in the brain produces a hormone called prolactin.

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