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Some men wear cummerbund type coverings, which encircles the midsection and the pouch can be tucked up out of the way. There are many products available that can be purchased or you can make your own covering. Apply the same principles for coping with telling, rejection, and preparing for sex.

Since the closing of the anus may present a sexual impairment for some individuals with an ileostomy or colostomy, modifications for sexual fulfillment are necessary.

It’s probably one of the first questions you have when you know you are going to have surgery. You wonder not only about the “how is this going to work? ” It’s also a hard question to bring up for many people, so I figure… And we’ll talk about it online so you don’t actually have to bring yourself to ask about it.

Like I said, one of my first questions once I decided to go through with the surgery was, “how is this going to affect my sex life?

Women can accomplish covering the pouch or stoma area by wearing a sexy shorty nightgown or crotch-less panties. The same concerns and anxieties are present in gay or lesbian relationships.If you were unsure; are you glad you went through with it or do you regret it?I have debated for a while about writing a post on sex.An ostomy alone is not a deterrent to any activities you are otherwise capable of and that includes your social life.Whether a person desires companionship, active participation in sex, or a serious romance leading to marriage, how one's surgery will be accepted by a potential partner or friend is a normal concern.

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