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'If you listen to the lyrics, you will see there is nothing that promotes suicide; and even if there was, no right-minded person would listen to it and think: "Now I'm going to kill myself,"' a self-confessed emo wrote last week on a music website following the inquest into Hannah's death. But as any parent will tell you, adolescent children can be highly irrational.They are also easily influenced and may be illequipped to deal with powerful emotions that can be magnified by a sense of 'membership' to a sub-group that revels in self-pity. 'I managed to keep calm and explained to her that people's minds are very disturbed, and often they don't really want to die.

'Levi seems to have gone from being a lively girl who enjoyed having friends around, to someone who has become quite introverted.' 'He reminded me that I used to be a rebel, too,' she says.

'I reckon there must be 15 to 20 per cent of pupils who are emos.

A boy in my class has recently got into it and he's changed completely.

LE spcialiste incontournable de vos week-ends et vacances russies en France.

Vous souhaitez vous vader dans lhexagone, mais sans vous ruiner ?

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