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To enable members to join in fellowship and community by sharing their common faith, values, Christian ideals and educational backgrounds with other single professionals.To provide a forum for members to participate in enriching and rewarding experiences such as religious and charitable activities, social gatherings, cultural programs and sporting events at local, regional and national levels.

If you have ever seen the movie Crazy Stone (), then you have an idea of what Chongqingnese think of themselves and what the rest of China thinks of that. They It means the streets zig zag around piles of buildings not only inhabited, but housing a flourishing business clinging to the last days as five-star hotels go up on either side.Chengdu is the fat provincial nobleman to Chongqing’s beer and hotpot steel worker; the Shu to Chongqing’s Ba, 安逸 (comfort) to Chongqing’s 乱 (craziness).They constantly sneer at each other, but Chengdu’s sneer is preceded by a quick peek left and right.I mean a real fist fight with someone going down for the count. This city was built on mountains so the first floor of one might be 10 floors below the first floor of its neighbor and they will be connected by quaint stone stairways, skyways, scaffolding, balconies, business storefronts and roof gardens.In every one of these connecting routes, there will be: like this, but very few places can keep the show going for more than a few city blocks.

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