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They don’t honour the separateness that we all need in order to retain a sense of self and to have healthy boundaries. If you focus purely on considering others, not only will it result in you doing things for the wrong reasons but you’ll end up filing for emotional bankruptcy.

Of course, by taking on this unnecessary responsibility, it means that when they feel bad, they correlate improving their feelings with other people amending their behaviour. When we have healthy self-esteem, we are coming from a place of love, care, trust, and respect and actually, when we come from that place, healthy self-esteem and better relationships is a by-product.

Boundaries and knowing yourself are not about trying to rule others; they’re about knowing and living your own line.What we essentially do by taking responsibility for our own feelings and behaviour is put us on equal footing with others, so ironically, this fear that some of us have is basically a fear of being equal.It’s not wanting to recognise that everyone has their own life to lead and also has their own needs, desires, expectations, feelings, opinions, motivations, experiences and purpose.This 48-hour frenzy includes gripping keynotes by speakers such as Al Gore, Mark Pincus, Sallie Krawcheck, Cal Henderson and many, many more.One of the fears that people who are considering improving their sense of self and boundaries struggle with, is the worry that in finally focusing on taking care of their own needs, expectations, desires, feelings and opinions (rather than expecting others to do so), that they’re going to be perceived as “selfish”.

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When we don’t put us on equal footing, we come from a place of inadequacy and dependency because we’re essentially reliant on people to “do the right thing”, to take care of us as a result of us putting everyone ahead and above, and to also live up to our ideals.

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