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I at you want to ask, and what we shall do(make) in the beginning, when I arrive to you, we shall go somewhere and to look something, to travel? The name and place has changed again.time it is Natalia Derevyashkina (sometimes spelt Natalya Deryashkina) who resides in Salekhard, North Russia, works as a cashier in a grocery store and falls in love after about 4 email messages that arrived regularly every 2-3 days.Write to me please what you think, what we shall do? She mentions she has no phone at home and uses computer at work.I went back and wandered through your guide and found one of the same exact letters that I had received.for word!I also found one of my most favorite pictures in the whole world...girl in the sunflower field.She told me she had never been out of her city but when we I told her I would visit first and then bring her here if she liked, she said she had a passport. Andy Luick Below is an excerpt from the last letter I received from a Svetlana Kashkova, Email: [email protected](It seems that Petrova street in Yoshcar-Ola is building quite a reputation! She wrote me everyday saying she needed 0 for a visa.Thanks wary with this stuff but I think the potential reward of a foreign love outweigh most risks. ) The funny thing is, I had a personal ad looking for pen-pals to which she responded, so I decided to play along. I to study I (find (out) all concerning my arrival (achievement) in you my love. When you have come home, around there was all darkly. Then you to come into a room, and there beautiful table was covered. It must be all the same group or even one person don't you think? She had an aunt that worked at the airport in Russia who could get her a ticket "on the discount". I wondered how someone who earned only a month could afford one.

Works in food place at cashier and makes only .00 a month. I must say though, she has sent about 25 photographs and they do not quite fit the others I saw on your site. I know, that you love me, I believe you, I understand all. I know, that I love you, because it speaks my heart, you understand me, and I am sure, that all will be good!

2 of the photos have received from "her" exactly match ones sent from Elena Novikova also posted at this site.

She reveals she is a Virgin and needs money for a VISA 0 US (good for 90 days) to visit me in Australia which I sent by Western Union Money Transfer.

Who would lend 5 to a woman who makes a month.

I planned to send the money anyway just to see what happened and find out quickly whether it was a scam or real.

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