Moral argument against interracial dating

The 1986 tax reform radically simplified the tax code.

Since then, the code has acquired more than 15,000 new wrinkles.

The result is an ever-more-clamorous politics, and the survival of the shrillest.Christopher De Muth, president emeritus of the American Enterprise Institute, notes the interaction of high affluence and modern technologies.“Americans have attained levels of material comfort, leisure time, and education unknown until the recent past.” And as Americans have become “entangled by networks of communication,” they have entered “a world of empowered mass intimacy” that encourages the better but also “the darker angels of human nature.” New modes of communication enable us “to organize ourselves into highly defined networks of affinity and endeavor.” These enable splendid cooperative endeavors; but they also are “fracturing our politics.” Institutions that hitherto organized and stabilized politics — parties, Congress, federalism, civic organizations — have been, De Muth says, “deconstructed by a thousand networks of ideology, interest, and identity.” Such “private networks have commandeered central institutions of government.” Congress, especially, has buckled beneath the weight of “many more numerous political causes than a representative legislature can manage.” Congress has responded by offloading onto the administrative state’s executive agencies activities that are essentially legislative.Various religious factions, some more radical, have emerged from these armed conflicts.Other more dominant religions have also spread their influence through force and aggression.

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