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I walked quickly to a dark corner to collect my thoughts. This was the same woman who did bake sales and made cookies, now she was on a porn set. Before I knew it I was rubbing my self through my jeans, I could hardly believe I was stroking to my mom. I could tell he was busy and from first impressions, a real asshole.

Right out the corner of my eye I saw that same man who felt up my mom walk right by me and walk into his dressing room. I followed him into his dressing room and said, "Hi I'm the new-" He cut me off and said, "Yeah, yeah whatever, just get me some water." He had some sort of English accent and medium length black hair; he seemed tanned by the U. Before I walked off I stopped and said, "Hey who is that new woman you got there?

I looked around the entrance and saw a group of workmen in jeans, shirts and baseball caps.

I summarised that this must have been their uniforms.

She always gets what she wants, hot cum from several stiff cocks!

Chennai: Multilingual film 'For Adults Only', which was promoted as India's boldest and dirtiest film, has been shelved as its director Faisal Saif believes Indian audiences are not yet ready for such a film.

I calmed my nerves and walked by the doorman and into the warehouse.

" The man replied, "Oh don't you look hot tonight, yum" His hands still grabbing her ass tight. Come back in ten" "OK Hun." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and started to walk off before the man put his hand in the air. "Walk slowly." My mom then put her hands on her hips, smiled a sexy little smile and walked slowly to her dressing room with her cute butt cheeks bouncing ever so sexually. " said the man while the other teamsters looked in delight.

The man smiled a huge grin while slapping his hands with delight.

She told me it was due to the new job she got, the waitressing didn't pay enough so she got a job as an office administrator; well that's what she said anyway.

Dad's been between jobs for months now so I thought that must be the reason why she's been working so late, but something didn't feel right.

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