Massive cams

When you fall on a cam, the very instant you load it the friction provided by the metal takes precedent over the lobe’s outward force.

If the cam slips at that precise moment, it can fail.

Perhaps more important is the fact that wet porous rock is weakened by moisture.

The article, “Laboratory impacts into dry and wet sandstone with and without an overlying water layer: Implications for scaling laws and projectile survivability,” published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science, noted that wet sandstone is 27 to 30 percent less resistant to impact than dry sandstone.

The outward force of the cams depends on the shape of the cam lobes (the cam angle), and this mechanical action won’t be affected by water.

The material of the cam lobes and the composition of the rock determine friction.

There are just three main types of rock—igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic—but there are hundreds of subdivisions of rock.

These variations make it impossible to calculate the precise holding power of a cam since rock hardness and friction will affect the cam’s ultimate strength.

The different aluminums have different frictional properties, so right off the bat we have a problem deter- mining the degree to which cam placements might be affected by wet rock.The second busiest airport in the United States, this massive receives covers over 3000 square miles and is filled with restaurants, newsstands, shops, and even cocktail lounges. These live feeds give you a clear view of current weather and traffic conditions in the area.Night views are spectacular with complex and city lights all lite up.I was just at the Tennessee Wall and wound up climbing some wet cracks.Do cams hold signifi- cantly less in wet cracks than in dry cracks?

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