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Maybe your partner is also in the 13 per cent of people who would consider it, but what if you’ve got it wrong?

Unfortunately, once a partner has suggested the possibility of getting it together with others, even if nothing takes off, the other person may be left with the sinking feeling that they aren’t enough for them.

Of course you’d have to hope that anyone entering this arrangement for sex or emotional intimacy, or both, also shares exactly the same agenda as the couple and intends to return to their life once it’s over.

And here also lies the main problem which can arise with open relationships.

Make sure you and your partner actually mean the same thing.

If you don’t get this right from the outset, the various misunderstandings and accusations of not wanting to ‘commit’ are potentially boundless.

At Relate, due to the nature of our work, we tend to hear about open relationships when they go wrong, but there are quite clearly many people living in healthy, happy and successful ones.For some couples, giving their partner permission to act out their sexual desires with other people feels like a more honest and realistic option.Many couples also report that open relationships bring them closer together.For some people, an open relationship is a liberating prospect and experience which makes certain that the hum drum of everyday life with the same person never has the chance to take hold.But according to a You Gov survey, 72 per cent of people would never consider it.

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You only need to look at statistics on the number of people who say they have cheated on a partner to see this.

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