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The role of court appointed counsel is defined by statute as representatives of a defendant “from his initial appearance before the court at every stage of the proceedings until the entry of final judgment.” N. In addition, “if the court has received information indicating that the minor has a cognitive, emotional, learning, or sensory disability, the court shall require the minor to consult with counsel.” N. New Hampshire youth have a waivable right to a trial by jury if they meet “the criteria for commitment to an adult correctional facility,” and their “disposition includes an order of conditional release extending beyond the juvenile’s age of majority.” N. Right to Counsel Beyond the right to counsel in juvenile court guaranteed by the Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution and , 387 U. 1 (1967), states often have state constitution or statutory provisions further expanding upon on or delineating that right. New Hampshire has no statutorily required or recommended training requirements or standards for attorneys representing youth in delinquency proceedings. New Hampshire’s delinquency proceedings are governed by the Rules of the Circuit Court of the State of New Hampshire-Family Division, Section 3: Juvenile Delinquency and Child in Need of Services.

In New Hampshire: Assessments NJDC conducts statewide assessments of access to counsel and the quality of juvenile defense representation in delinquency proceedings around the country. NJDC has not yet conducted an assessment of the juvenile indigent defense system in New Hampshire. The NJDC State Assessment Page provides more information about state assessments. §§ 169-B:9, 169-B:11, 169-B:12(IV), 169-B:14, and 621-A:6. NJDC’s Detention Page provides more information about detaining youth. Constitution and Supreme Court case law are also sources of due process rights beyond local and state statutes and provisions.

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