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Boris Johnson has flown to Iraq’s Kurdistan region to visit British troops leading the fight against Islamic State.The suit-wearing Mayor of London posed with an AK47 during the secret trip to the capital of the region, Erbil.Domestic politics are in a holding pattern with a greater priority being given to defending Kurdistan and assisting, probably next year, in the drive to expel Daesh from Mosul.It also seems likely that the process of overcoming internal divisions will pick up after the scheduled parliamentary elections in 2017.

It is evident to me that, after a century of misery and a decade of failed federalism in Iraq, Kurds in Iraq need sovereignty.

Kurdish success in driving Daesh out of Kurdistani lands speaks for itself as do comparisons with the failures of the Iraqi security forces, and with the bloodthirstiness of the Shia militia.

There has been a real effort spearheaded by the Kurdish Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to reform the economy, and a wider belief that the slump in oil prices has been a blessing in disguise.

I personally support aspirations of the Kurdish nation, but its steps have to be pre-planned and they should know how they are taking the steps.” Such words should be built upon.

The Kurdish Prime Minister wishes to open up direct talks with Baghdad about how to manage the transition to break-up. One of the most vexed questions is the status of disputed territories such as Kirkuk.

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