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The dishes were presented to a table of guest judges, including chefs Cat Cora, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, Suzanne Goin, and Michael Cimarusti.

The guest judges voted on which chef won each head-to-head battle; the winners were eligible to win the challenge, while the losers were put up for elimination.

The chefs were assigned either a solar stove or solar oven following a random knife draw.

The winner received immunity from elimination, a Elimination Challenge: The chefs were separated into two teams based on the equipment they used during the Quickfire Challenge.

The contestants were allowed to cook any dish that reflected their culinary style.

The guests, which included food critics and bloggers from across the state, scored the chefs' dishes.

Out of the pool of eligible contestants, the regular judges then decided their most favorite and least favorite dishes.

and Yuseff Cherney of Ballast Point Brewing Company, who collaborated with the judges on their microbrews.Each team had to create a menu that embodied the neighborhood their restaurant was located in.Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge: The contestants embarked on their California road trip to the season's first destination: Santa Barbara.Similar to Top Chef: Texas, filming took place in several locations across California, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Oakland, and the greater Palm Springs area, concluding with a finale in Las Vegas, Nevada.Quickfire Challenge (Part 1): Seventeen chefs were flown to Los Angeles to begin a six-city expedition across California.

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Quickfire Challenge (Part 2): The chefs, separated into three teams, had to work together to create a single dish using one of the prepped ingredients from the previous round.

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