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Unpacking SVR4 packages Let’s start with an example SVR4 package and unpack it to see what it contains.I’m going to use Riak, a popular open source database as the example package. ,q]: So whilst we could have specified ‘riak’, we can always use ‘all’ to avoid having to first look at the package to see what sub-packages it contains.

Including the SVR4 tools and metadata would bloat the system.

Throughout his time at both companies, he was committed to improving pkgsrc on Solaris and has finally landed at Joyent, where he hacks on pkgsrc and Smart OS.

Up until and including Solaris 10, the default packaging tools on Solaris were the historical SVR4 pkg* commands.

See: A Replica Set is a form of replication technology unique to Mongo DB.

According to Mongo DB, a replica set is a "group of two or more nodes or members that work together.

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Whilst the pkg* tools continue to be maintained in illumos and are provided by various distributions, they are not all provided in Smart OS.

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