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The fees for the calls I accompanied him on ranged between 5 and 8.A house call is less stressful for the pets and much more convenient for the owners than a trek across town.While Korin treats Riley, he and Larry talk about tick-borne diseases – the mild winter in New York State meant there was an early wave of tick-borne diseases that Korin saw at the animal hospitals he attends.Pet-owners need to be extra vigilant – there are ticks in Central Park that can be hazardous to dogs. Korin thinks he has an indolent ulcer, which means that the ulcer has healed over, leaving infection locked inside a little pockmark on the cornea.Eric greets us and chats with Korin about the cats.

He feels the cat’s bladder to see if it is full enough to draw urine. Korin suspects that the behavioural changes are down to Seymour’s age, but he says that Eric is an intuitive guy and he still thinks that the tests are worth running to be sure.

Seymour makes a break for it, running straight into my arms, so I am making myself useful.

Eric has called Korin because there seems to be something amiss with Seymour’s energy.

Larry, a man in his late 50s, greets us in familiar home-worker garb – a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

His 13-year-old daughter Isabel reclines on an armchair beside the air-conditioner, which is going full blast.

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George Korin is one of only a handful of vets who make house calls in New York City.

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