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But Joseph, a mildly autistic and highly sensitive boy, who had always respected authority, believed it all.

No one will ever be charged with the scam that made Joseph kill himself.’Cyber-security experts confirm that the virus is run by organised criminal gangs who make millions from it.

The answer lay on Joseph’s laptop upstairs in his bedroom.

For in the hours, or possibly minutes, before his death, Joe had accidentally downloaded malware known as the Ukash Scam, or the Cheshire Police Authority Virus.

Jackie says that stories of Joseph's kindness have consoled her, she recently found out Joseph helped their disabled neighbour after a fall in the garden‘You can scare 500 people out of money in a few days and then you shut that online account down and open another one using a different email address, which is really all you need.

It makes it almost impossible to trace.’Stories of Joseph’s kindness and sense of fun console Jackie a little.

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