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Staggering to their neighbours and screaming for help, Landry, who was dressed in his night clothes and dressing gown, caught up with her and stabbed her repeatedly, leaving the knife in her as she died on the spot.

He then got dressed, took a large bundle of cash, cheques, bankers drafts and other documents, and drove to his girlfriend Rachel Wallbank’s house nearby.

She asked for a divorce and demanded that Landry, who was suffering with prostate cancer, pay £6,000 for a new flat for her and Mr Jenkins to move into.

In days before her death, the pair rowed constantly over money; she seeing him mean and unreasonable, him refusing to bow to her financial demands and balking at her aggressive and volatile behaviour. In the presence of a neighbour Mrs Landry taunted her husband over naked photographs he had taken of himself three months previously that she found on his computer, calling him a pervert and taunting him that he should be on the sex offenders register.

“If not for retribution, then to protect the public.

He has already shot a man, killed my daughter, so his violent nature is there to see – and we saw his temper and controlling nature plenty of times during their relationship.” Divorcee Landry left America in 2000 after meeting his future wife on the internet messaging site ICQ, and later moved over to set up home with her in Coventry, West Midlands.

Chris Price only survived the 1994 shooting because it took place in the shadow of a hospital.

Price reversed his car down the street, blocking Landry off at a set of traffic lights and got out of his car.

As he approached his rival, Landry pulled out his gun and shot Price through the neck, severing and artery and vocal cord and leaving his victim paralysed for months.

He dropped them off, told Mrs Wallbank, 42, she would not be seeing him again and walked back to the house, where he was arrested.

Mr Davies said they were stunned when they found out their daughter was leaving her long term boyfriend for Landry, who had claimed he was provoked into killing his wife.

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