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If you can’t hold back the emotions and want to show your unbridled passion, then send dirty wishes to a spouse and he or she will fall in love with you even more. For this, use sexy naughty quotes, wishes, and messages to add a zest to your greetings, your soul mate will be happy to receive them.

I know we haven’t found the time to see each other often these days. Let know your loved one how strong your passion and affection are through amazing erotic messages.

Relationship coach Suzanne Blake has seen and heard it all when it comes to sexting, including a wife who enjoys sexting her husband while he's traveling on business, telling (and showing) him what he's missing at home.

While this may surprise some, Blake's not surprised at all.

"Can't wait until tonight" would work even for shy novices. She recommends turning things up a notch with something along the lines of, "Forget chocolate, I am craving the taste of you! If you're dating, keep expectations based on sexting in check, says psychotherapist and advice columnist Dr. Just because you're getting hot and heavy texts, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get hot and heavy in person. If you're sending or receiving racy notes or photos, delete them after they're sent, advises relationship coach Suzanne Blake.

"If you lose your cell phone or it's stolen, pictures can be uploaded in a heartbeat." –And that's not to mention the possibility of your teenage kids innocently flipping through your texts or photos.

But I don’t need to trade a thing — I’m already rich in the greatest love of all….yours.

Sexting has become once again the undoing of former Rep. The New York Democrat resigned his seat and derailed his political career five years ago for committing the act, and he repeated the injudicious use of a cellphone on July 31, 2015, by sending an unidentified woman a sexually suggestive image of his crotch, according to the New York Post. His wife, Huma Abedin, a longtime Hillary Clinton aide, is reportedly filing for divorce.

On your birthday too, we will be having a wild celebration, in and outside the bedroom – and I can’t wait! Wishing you a very happy and steamy birthday, sweetheart. Being naughty on a birthday will make it more exciting for you two!

The birthday of your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a beloved spouse is an exceptional occasion when he or she wants to feel special.

Actually, it is important for the partner to understand that feelings are mutual and to know that there is someone in this world, who really cares, loves and appreciates him or her.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sexy messages you choose, as the main goal is to please your soul mate and make him or her happy on the birthday!

A birthday is a celebration of love, so if you want to make this remarkable day of your beloved filled with romance, sexuality, and passion, then sending hot texts will be a great idea.

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