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Picture this: After a heavy downpour on Allen Avenue, Lagos’ Sin Street, a black Acura SUV eased to a stop in front of a notorious high-end strip club and a skimpily clad lady whose appearance screamed prostitute waiting by the sidewalk promptly entered the car. She brought out a Point of sale (Po S) machine, and the man at the wheel slotted in a Master Card, punched in a five-digit figure. Patrons of the city’s ‘fleshpots’ can attest that payment via Po S has become the preferred payment mode in high-end brothels and strip clubs of Lagos. Me, naturally don’t go out with raw cash,” an old patron, Jeff, testified of the new development. This sex game is obviously an old shenanigan, the mode of payment, a new twist to it. The cashless option has become popular among prostitutes and operators of brothels and strippers.A few other persons, however, faulted the extra charges on the use of the device.“The introduction of Po S is a good one but the extra charges is discouraging sort of. So I sometime resort to the use of the device for a good time,” an old patron, Jeff, hailed the new development.In separate chats with our reporter, most patrons applauded the new ‘invention’.“This looks more like it.” Lekan, a patron said of the introduction of Po S into the illicit business.“I have used it severally and I think is the best option.

Sometimes, many customers don’t like going about with money so the introduction of Po S machines helps a lot. Inquisitiveness on the part of this writer led to a conversation with one of the strippers who simply gave her name as A3.

But for some JJC, it is pay before service to avoid stories that touch,” she said amid a seductive smile.

Across the street, another unholy mansion also operates the Po S regime.

But a High Court ruling last year found inspectors were wrong to penalise on the basis of an "erroneous" view that segregation amounted to unlawful discrimination.

Three Court of Appeal judges have now unanimously overturned the previous ruling, finding the complete segregation of classes to be contrary to the 2010 Equality Act.

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