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The poster of two lissome lovelies in swimsuits with the tag "Burqas?

Here we prefer bikinis" attracted most attention, and caused a fit of the vapors on this side of the Atlantic among the pearl-clutching pajama boys who police American progressivism.

Yet a significant proportion told me they were considering voting Af D because every other party denied there was any issue here, and were insistent, as are the likes of Herr Gabriel, that you can't even talk about it.

So, if you can't talk about it, best not to talk about it next time the pollster asks who you're voting for.

On Saturday night, at the end of a speech on immigration, I was asked by a lady in the audience about Sunday's impending election in Germany.

She had met a young Teutonic chappie who said he was voting for Angela Merkel, and she couldn't understand why.

Just to be clear on that, Trump's lousiest approval ratings are more than the percentage of German voters who backed Merkel. The Af D got just under 13 per cent, which by comparison with, say, the SPD's 20 per cent is pretty impressive. In the former West Germany, Af D got about 11 per cent, which is a good result.

In the former East Germany, it got just under 22 per cent, which is a spectacular result.

Af D has some coarse types among its membership, but, even down the murkier end of the batting order, they're not actually Nazis, and demonizing their voters will not work.

If Germany were to remain governed by a Merkel/Schulz Gro Ko, the next largest party in the Bundestag gets to be the Official Opposition - and that would be Af D, and nobody in Berlin's establishment wants to normalize Af D any more than Sunday's election results did.

To be sure, Mrs Merkel came out on top and, after haggling and horse-trading, will emerge as Chancellor of a pantomime-horse coalition comprising CDU/CSU, FDP and Greens.

This is the equivalent of a Republican/Democrat coalition in Washington, or a Tory/Liberal coalition in Ottawa, or Tory/Labour in London, Liberal/Labor in Canberra: It's essentially a two-party one-party state.

Regardless of which of the two potential governing parties you vote for, you wind up with the same left-of-center/right-of-left-of-center coalition.

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