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For example, about 15-20% of furries wear elaborate costumes called "fursuits" in much the same way anime fans cosplay as their favorite characters.However, unlike anime, furries are often assumed to engage in fursuiting for sexual reasons, despite the fact that this is very rarely the case.

A: Unlike other fan groups (e.g., Star Wars, Harry Potter), where the focus of the fandom is a single line of media and/or where a single person gets to decide what counts as "canon" in the fictional universe, the furry fandom is incredibly decentralized.Similarly, people assume that an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters is akin to an "animal fetish" or sexual attraction to animals—something that, again, is not borne out by the data, which show that furries are no more likely to be sexually attracted to animals than the general population.Yet another misconception about furries is based on the assumption that there is something "wrong" with furries—that pathology needs to be invoked to "explain" why a furry becomes a furry.As such, they "fill in the blanks" with assumptions about deviant sexuality, and assume "it must be a sex thing".These misconceptions are also helped along by inaccurate portrayals of the furry fandom in media (e.g., CSI), which characterize furries as sexual deviants in the interest of creating a more titillating story.

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