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VICKI: Well I thought we could get away from it all and go on holiday!

VICKI: Well Matt, we don’t have to plan a holiday that carefully.

CALLUM: So that’s why I bought this new outfit, Vicki. Read the conversation VICKI: So, Callum, you’ll be getting dressed up later - before you go to the BBC television studios.

We could just go to the travel agent today and buy some tickets. Read the conversation VICKI: Matt, I’ve just been to the travel agent and I’ve got us tickets to go to the Maldives. MATT: Just let me write that down so I don’t forget. Do we stop off anywhere on the way or are the flights direct? VICKI: What a professional, trying not to let yourself get ill, trying to fight it off. VICKI: I’ve got some pain killers in my bag somewhere…Here… VICKI: Yes, hopefully it’ll reduce your temperature. VICKI: The plane leaves tomorrow afternoon so we need to set off for the airport at 11am. MATT: Wow, so we set off tomorrow afternoon, we stop off in Sri Lanka for 2 days on our way to the Maldives, and we get back in ten days time.

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Read the conversation VICKI: Now stop worrying about your job Matt MATT: But I really do think this job is taking over my life.

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